A50  Fill 500~528ml  16.9~17.8oz
Neck 28mm  Body 66mm  Height 196mm
A40  Fill 400~450ml  13.5~15.2oz
Neck 38mm  Body 66mm  Height 164mm
A29  Fill 290~338ml  9.8~11.4oz
Neck 38mm  Body 66mm  Height 131mm
A30  Fill 300~327ml  10~10.7oz
Neck 28mm  Body 66mm  Height 133mm
A30SW  Fill 300~319ml  10~10.7oz
Neck 28mm  Body 59mm  Height 162mm
A25SW  Fill 250~265ml  8.4~8.9oz
Neck 28mm  Body 59 mm  Height 142mm
A18  Fill 185~200ml  6.3~6.7oz
Neck 28mm  Body 52mm  Height 143mm
A10  Fill 100~105ml  3.3~3.5oz
Neck 28mm  Body 44.5mm  Height 106mm

Disclaimer: Fill volume ranges are provided only as a courtesy for initial review and are not guaranteed. Client assumes all responsibility to verify fill levels and prepare headspace with their filler of choice.