Glass & Can Industry Products

Glass Industry Proprietary Products OEM

AP-5 Cold End Glass Coating OEM: This Product offers bottlers excellent abrasion resistance, a reduced coefficient of friction, improved label adhesion, reduced breakage and downstream mobility in the production process. Product Bulletin

HIPAK Glass Mold Release Lubricant OEM: Widely used as a spray applied mold pre-coating to form a durable, solid-film mold lubricant coating and release agent that greatly increases productivity and tool life, eliminates glass adherence to molds, lubricates associated machinery surfaces to eliminate sticking ware, and dramatically improves the glass finish. Product Bulletin

Somec Containers Waxes OEM: Specially formulated petroleum based waxes designed to be applied uniformly on-line at high speed by electrostatic sheet fed applications equipment and promote consistent forming operations and long tool life in food grade environments.

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Can & Bottle

Somec manufactures several excellent aids to production for the metal can and glass bottle making industries. These products have been in widespread use for decades and are all certified kosher for use in food products.

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